Post-human/ Post-humanist

نقض إنسان/ إنساني


POST-HUMAN and POST-HUMANIST required explicitation which distinguishes the change in how humanity is perceived by itself (and its possible modes of being), as opposed to being a future state beyond or post the human condition. The yielded translation (lit: recantation of the human/ humanist condition) could require further explanation within the target text.


Participants yielded a translation by substituting the term with another in the Arabic language having the same meaning (which occurs when a Source Text word does not exist in the Target Language).


هو مفهوم يدل الى مشروع ازاحة مركزية لقيمة الانسان عن علاقات السلطة. اقترح المشاركون بالورشة السادسة (بيروت) استخدام هذه الترجمة، والتي هي قد تكون متداولة ضمن الحوار المترجم للإعلام الرسمي ولكن ليس متفق عليها.